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Personalized Ayurvedic solutions to help you easily understand the science of your individual skin.

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skin test

The purpose of the test is to provide you with the overall analysis on your inherited and problematic aspects of your skin. The result of this test used only for skin care.

Inherited skin type analysis

12 questions for analyzing the components of your inherited skin.

Problematic skin type analysis

Questions on the four different dimensions to analyze your skin type affected by psychological and environmental stressors.

  • 16 questions on sensitivity
  • 26 questions on acne
  • 313 questions on melanin
  • 48 questions on aging
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constitution test

It is a test for understanding the constitutional characteristics by analyzing physical and psychological factors scientifically.

Physical Element Analysis

Thirteen questions are provided to analyze the physical and physiological characteristics of an individual.

Psychological Element Analysis

Fourteen questions are provided to analyze the emotional and psychological characteristics of an individual.

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CAPSULE is a regular bulletin with focus on the science of holistic skincare. It consists of four categories of wellbeing beauty insight that are 'art & beauty', 'aromatherapy', 'skin & cosmetics' & 'Ayurveda'.

Art & Beauty

The independent curator Miyoung von Platen from London and Stockholm provides an easy-to-understand story of various art works along with interesting skin + constitution information. AYU25 believes in the cultural and philosophical principle of holistic beauty that is “health comes before beauty”.


In addition to the general aromatherapy knowledge from Aromatherapy professionals in India, America and Korea, this category offers a detailed information on TCM Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic Aromatherapy to heal body, mind and soul.

Skin & Cosmetics

Skin and cosmetics professionals and specialists provide practical information on how to maintain healthy and beautiful skin with focus on the knowledge of skin structure & function, skincare method, cosmetic ingredient & formulation required for personalized Ayurvedic skincare.


The author of 'Ayurveda for Therapists (2009, Sung An Dang, South Korea)' provides the methods how to retain well-balanced healthy body, mind and spirit with the focus on Ayurveda & Aromatherapy which is in the limelight of the world’s spa industry today.

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This is a wellness dictionary that summarizes specific words & terms for Skin Science, Cosmetic Science, Ayurveda, and Aromatherapy.

The collection of words is arranged alphabetically and further addition of words is constantly updated through AYU25 ICT system.

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Event / Workshop

Various events and workshop information by AYU25 are provided.

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my Page

A 'skin type' indicates skin test result and a 'body type' shows constitution test result. 'For you' is the customized information according to the results of skin + constitution test. A 'saved' is an optional archive selected by users for their personalized wellbeing beauty tips sent by AYU25.