personalized skincare


No Skin is Identical to Another

Everyone is unique; to receive the best products for your individual skin, be sure to have a thorough understanding of your skin type and problem areas. You can test your skin + constitution type through our AYU25 App, and be provided with the cosmetic products best-suited for your skin.

As you know, all cosmetic products are intent on boosting your appearance, but it is up to the individual, you, to understand what is best for your unique skin. Choosing the right products can be achieved only by understanding your skin condition instead of following the trends of the skincare market. AYU25 is here to walk you through the process of learning more about your skin, and to provide you with the best products to treat and nourish it.

Maximizing the Core

Function of Your Skin

It is unlikely that cosmetic products will bring a desirable effect immediately to the skin. To achieve a balance between 'inner health and nourished skin’ is the purpose of our brand. Cosmetic ingredients that are internationally accepted have many limitations.

Rather than producing an immediate and dramatic effect like many chemically based products do, the natural ingredients in our products are focused on optimizing and maintaining the health and beauty of your skin.

Furthermore, skincare product ingredients must satisfy various qualifications to fulfill the function of cosmetics to select and develop the ingredients that are most respectable of human skin health. AYU25 only select ingredients that are approved by INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) and ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary).

Only selectively chosen ingredients that help maximize the function of your skin are used in our products, boosting the overall skin condition.

Only selectively chosen ingredients that help to maximize the function of your skin are used in our products, boosting the overall skin condition.

  • 1Protection of the skin from chemical stimuli, bacteria, and ultraviolet rays

  • 2Temperature control

  • 3Sweat and sebum secretion

  • 4Storage for nutrient and hydration

  • 5Sensory function

  • 6Vitamin D formation

  • 7Absorption

In other words, it is important to delay the skin aging process through deep hydration, to prevent skin problems by enhancing the skin’s natural barrier, and to normalize turnover cycle to make skin beautiful and healthy.

AYU25 is committed to using only the best ingredients to maximize these core functions of your skin.