product philosophy

It is AYU25's philosophy to value 'Honesty' and 'Safety' first and foremost

All AYU25 products contain approximately 2% highly concentrated, therapeutically beneficial essential oil.

Every oil is of the highest quality, and balances the body, mind and skin with its potent physiological benefits. By importing the pure essential oils from specific regions in the world, we enable every customer to have access to high quality products at an affordable price.

These products are recommended on an individual basis depending on your personal constitution type by downloading the AYU25 app, you can analyze your skin in minutes to find out which products are best for you.

AYU25's 'Water'

AYU25 products only use 100% pure wild craft rose water.

AYU25 Rosa Damascene Roses, '100% wild rose water' is an excellent ingredient that has moisturized, soothed and nourished skin for centuries. AYU25 has developed a unique extraction method and blending technology to deliver the magnificent benefits of this ingredient to the skin.

Rose Water can be applied on all skin types, and is an especially excellent ingredient for dry, aging, inflammatory and sensitive skin. It enhances skin activation with an excellent moisturizing effect.